Building a Community of Raving Fans

Season #2 Episode #18

I was one of two keynote speakers at the Professional Speakers Association Ireland June event and I gave a talk called ‘How to Communicate your Message and Build a Community of Raving Fans’.

This is my message to share with the world.

It was a short talk – 20 minutes or so but the feedback I got was phenomenal and I was asked would I record it as a podcast because some people just loved it.

So here it is...broken into two parts.

This first part, in this episode is all about Creating a Community of Raving Fans.. The next episode will be about your marketing message.

I talk about why you should think about creating a community of raving fans and explain the 3 Rs of Community of Raving Fans. 

I hope you enjoy it as much as my audience did. And my ask of you – if you do, I would love a review. I’d really appreciate that.

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