December Marketing Ideas - Part 1 | Episode 28

Season #3

Ah Christmas, twinkling lights and smiling faces. 

December brings with it a number of holidays,  most notably Christmas with it's trees, presents, decorations and sometimes stress!

A lot of business owners tend to take the foot of the pedal a little at this time of the year - and when you're going and going for over 350 days of the year, that's to be expected. 

However, in this episode, the first in a two-parter, December Marketing Ideas Part 1, Denise Fay and Shane Cowley talk about why it's important that you stay marketing. Our ethos for December - and every month - is to #alwaysbemarketing. 

Here’s a little glance into this episode…

  • Why it's important to always be marketing 
  • How you you can make it easier on yourself 
  • Save time by doing this...and you're guaranteed to stay on top of your marketing
  • Think about the long game 
  • How and why its vital that you stand out in December. 

Enjoy it - grab yourself a Christmas beverage - cinnamon tea or a spiced latte - and listen to the banter between us. 

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And stay tuned for episode 29 - December Marketing Ideas - Part 2 - where we're giving you fun and practical ways to stay marketing in December.