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Discover 7 Essentials that are Missing from your Marketing

(and what to do about it)


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In this Webinar, you'll learn:


The One Thing

that stops you from getting the right leads and clients.       


The Power of Words 

and how they can impact – negatively or positively – on your marketing. 


The Three Letter Word

that helps you understand every marketing tactic you need do.


The Holy Grail 

of marketing that is turning a lead into a raving fan.


The Marketing Machine

built on your commitment to growth and continuous improvement. 

The world might have changed but Marketing hasn't.

While we are now living in a post pandemic world, the principles of marketing haven't changed. You still need to attract and convert leads into clients and keep them for life. 

What has changed is buying behaviour...

...How and where people see your message, read your message and decide what to do next.

We see so many business owners, who offer a fantastic service – one that gets results for their clients – not getting the opportunity to pitch to a new client or get frustrated when someone else gets the business and they don’t.

In order to stand out, you must be different, do things differently and act differently than the masses.

Join us in this one hour masterclass to get fully updated on what element of the marketing mix you are missing and how to make changes to improve your marketing results...immediately.

This Webinar is a Must Attend if you....

  • Are an ambitious growth minded business owner or entrepreneur 
  • Want to be the go-to person in your niche

  • Are tired of being the best kept secret in your industry

  • Want to maximise your marketing effort to achieve more

  • Are done with ‘this is the best technique to use’ strategies and tools

  • Want  more clients...of the right kind.

Join us to stop struggling with marketing and finally learn what it takes to stand out from the sea of sameness.


A Personal Invitation from Denise & Shane...

There is NO one size fits all strategy.

We've been doing a lot of mentoring this past while with business owners. Many have the same challenges and concerns where it comes to marketing, getting your message out there and deciding which tools to use.

There is so much information out there – and I’m tired of reading about ‘this is the exact strategy you should use in your industry or 10x your revenue/clients etc’.

 Here's a truth very few talk about....

There is NO secret formula to growing your business. 

One size fits all approach does not work in marketing.

Every business is different. So the marketing techniques and tools that you need to use will be different than your competitor up the street or on the other side of the world.

That’s what we’re going to talk about in this masterclass. We’ll give you the mistakes to avoid, the missing elements, some will relate, some won’t...because your business is different than mine. All we can to is equip you with the information to make the right decisions.

Then you need to implement and take action for you, your business, your community.

If you’re committed to using marketing to achieve more success, more clients, more impact, I can’t wait to slash that learning curve and help you get become more famous in your niche or reach world domination, whichever you prefer.

We'll see you there.

Take care,

Denise & Shane

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Join us to stop struggling with marketing and finally learn what it takes to stand out from the sea of sameness.


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