I'm Denise Fay, Founder of Achieve Marketing.


We bring together the science and art of marketing with a personal touch. 

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Denise's Story

I’m here to help you grow your business by getting super clear on your message and building a community of raving fans.

Here's a little bit more about me: I've loved marketing since 1997 and dare I admit that I've been doing online marketing since 2000, when internet marketing was in its infancy.

I've been creating communities since my earliest corporate career days.

When I'm not talking, reading, writing and speaking about marketing, I'm out running the roads of my beloved Co. Louth, Ireland.

I’m a marathon runner, having run 9 marathons and umpteen half marathons across a number of countries - each with their own story



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What Kills A Marketing Campaign

Do you know what kills a good marketing campaign? Inaction.
If you’ve been putting off doing something or unsure where to start, just start! Easy said but here's how...


3 Steps To Achieving Marketing Momentum

Life is made up of so many turns and choices. What happens if if you take one turn instead of another? 

What is certain is if you want to achieve marketing momentum in your business life, following these 3 tips will help you do so.

How To Keep A Client For Life

Client retention is as important as client attraction. You’ve possibly heard me say this a few times by now! It's a hell of a lot less cost to retain a client compared to acquiring a new one.


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