The Easy and Essential Marketing Asset Audit Template

What is a Marketing Asset Audit?

Firstly, lets talk marketing assets. A marketing asset is something tangible, that is of value to your client, customer or prospect that will lead to a return. It's everything from your email list to your blog posts; your logo to your photos; your emails to your press releases. 

The chances are that you  have many marketing assets, lying discarded on shelves, google drives, dropboxes and a clatter of online platforms. 

The purpose of doing a marketing asset audit is to see what you have already,  prioritise it, repurpose it or dump it and really see what you need rather than what you want. 

In our Achievers Club Community, we talk about creating marketing assets. Just as gathering financial assets create wealth, marketing assets gathers leads, sales and purposeful marketing results to you. 

Is that something that you want? 

I hope so. 

The marketing assets audit does just that - helps you audit your marketing assets. We've created an easy to use template that will help you audit your assets. 

Just click the image and download your copy. 

Get your Marketing Asset Template Here

You probably have more assets than you think you do. In this spreadsheet, you will see how easy it is to fill in. 
Schedule 25 minutes and fill it in. You'll be amazed at how many assets you have. 
Simply follow the step by step approach to completing the audit. 


The Importance of Marketing Assets Podcast

The podcast is twenty minutes long and talks more about the importance of marketing assets. 

It walks you through the Marketing Assets Audit Template in Denise's unique style. 

Take a listen and then take action. 

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