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This SEO Cheat sheet simplifies SEO with recommended steps on how to effectively optimise your website to increase traffic to your website through search engines. 

This sheet will empower you to get started or confidently talk to suppliers about your SEO.

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  • Understand what to do and why to do it
  • Be confident discussing SEO with team or suppliers

Hey there! We're Denise & Shane... 


Combined we have over 30 years experience of diving (or sometimes being thrown) into the deep end in marketing, digital marketing management and entrepreneurship. 

From years of having to learn new skills whilst having to deliver results we know that mix of feelings from excitement, fulfilment to wanting to pull your hair out. 

Our aim is to save you the time and effort of figuring out new skills for yourself.

From our experience, learning and even mastering any new skill starts with understanding the why. After that breaking complex tasks into simple bite sized steps makes anything achievable. 

That's what we've done for you in our SEO Cheat Sheet.


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