Surprisingly Simple Ways to Write Words that Work & Attract your Ideal Audience 

5 proven strategies to craft compelling copy created for small business owners who want to make more impact and income

Perfect for Pairing with AI and ChatGPT Content Creation. 

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Boring Copy on your Website, Social Media and Sales Letters is Costing you Money & Losing you Customers.

Lets Change that.

With our must-have training, you'll learn the secrets to crafting words that work every time, no matter the platform - website, social media, blogs, newsletters and beyond.

And the best part? This training perfectly complements any AI or ChatGPT content creation, ensuring your copy is bang on and ready to make you money. 

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Here's what this free video training will cover:

  • Craft IRRESISTIBLE HEADLINES that hook your reader straightaway - never write bland headlines ever again,
  • 5 simple methods you can put into practice EVERY TIME you write to see results right away,
  • How to EDIT your content (or generated by AI and CHATGPT) which shows your brand and your ENGAGE and CONVERT,

This is the perfect compliment to any AI or self written content creation - ensuring your copy is creative and effective. 

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"Here's what I have learned from Denise...words help you attract the right people and repel the wrong ones. You do not want to be in the middle ground - it's mediocrity and there's enough people there. You don't belong there. This training will help you stay out off that middle ground.

In this free training,  you'll see Denise in action - she's the real deal."

Suzanne Griffin, Movement Coach

Can't I just use AI or CHATGPT?
Do I really need to know these 5 strategies?  

The better you are at writing copy, the more impact and income you'll make. 

AI and ChatGPT is super - for getting you started.

Knowing these 5 Strategies will ENABLE YOU to STAND OUT from your competition. 

If you want to stand out, promote your uniqueness and difference, then listen to this video training today. 

Grab a notebook and pen and sign up for my free video training to finally learn what it takes to write words that work. 

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Hey there, I'm Denise Fay...

“So delighted that you're here. I'm an award-winning author of '31 Days to Write Better Copy', TEDx and professional speaker, podcaster and international marketing communications advisor.

Having had a successful corporate career with Fortune 500 multi-nationals, I set up my award-winning marketing agency in 2006. (yes, I've been around that long!). 

In my (slightly over) 25 years of experience, I have learned the art and science of words and language and how they are the HIDDEN secret to marketing.

I like to simplify complex concepts and provide actionable insights. So I'm inviting you to see for yourself how my engaging and informative style will show you how you can unleash the power of your words (using AI and YOU). 

Why is this training free? Well I want to support you get better at marketing communication. It starts with the words you use. 
Take care, Denise

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