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3 Client Attraction Strategies, 2 Copywriting Tips, 1 Inspiring Idea

client attration copywriting inspiring ideas Nov 15, 2022

3 Client Attraction Strategies

1. Serve, not Sell

No matter what you’re selling – products or services, consider changing the way you approach your next call with a prospect?

Even if you’ve had many conversations with them, ask them a few simple questions to get to the heart of their issue. Think about how you can really serve that prospect, ask questions like these:

  • What is it you really want?

  • What do you think your business could look like in five years from now – if money or time was no object?

  • What would you really like from us?

Look, we all want sales, but what we don’t want is the wrong type of sale. You want to serve your clients, not sell.

You may end up selling them something other than they’d planned...all while serving them….

A very dear client of mine, who is with me for the past 5 years, came to me looking for social media help. After asking questions, like above, I realised they didn’t want social media help, they wanted help with overall business strategy, maximising and leveraging the assets the assets that they had.

Sometimes clients can’t articulate what it is they really want – it’s your job to serve not sell.

2. Have internal links on every page

Have a website?

If so, link every page on your website with another. While outbound links are Google gold, internal links help keep people reading your site. I’ve always said a website is a series of pages. If you write a great blog, then provide links to encourage your reader to stay longer on your site.

If you’re writing about dog training for example, and giving three tips to help a dog walk better on a lead, then link to a page describing the best type of leads for a dog. Or what about the types of leads that work with different dogs – labs, poodles, German shepherds, Yorkshire terriers etc

If someone is down an internet rabbit hole, wouldn’t it be great if it was yours?!

3. Pick up the phone

I have a 12 year old who uses his phone for texting, playing games and more texting...everything it seems bar calling and talking to someone.

Poor old Alexander Graham Bell!

If you want more clients, call the clients you have. Talk to them….similar to point no. 1 – ask questions, listen to them.

2 Copywriting Tips

1. Write for your reader, not yourself

So often I see bad copy written on websites when I review them. Websites are not pieces to indulge yourself. Yes, you need to show credibility and what you can do.

Remember – people coming to your website have a problem. They want it solved. They’re researching on how to fix the problem.

Knowing that you’ve been in business for 20, 5 or 2 years – is useful...and it is part of your brand story. But make sure every page has information on how you help solve a problem.

2. Change your sentence structure.

Last week, I created a new training on Wow with Words. It’s due to come out this week. I’m excited about it. There are tips and techniques that can influence your reader a bit more so that they can take action. Strengthen your strengths. I believe everyone can write, I simply want to help you strengthen your strengths.

Now, just looking at the above paragraph, you’ll see a mixture of sentence. There was one sentence that was very long – 19 words. It was followed by a sentence of 3 words. There was a sentence of 13 words, broken up with a comma.

Changing your sentence structure and length brings flow to your content – allowing the reader to read more.

1 Inspiring idea from the Fay Way

The FAY WAY is my proven six stage system allowing you to do marketing on your terms, where you market to the right people, at the right time, with the right message and words. As your business grows, your community does too and you reap so much more than you sow. You build and scale marketing momentum.

Today I want to talk about standing out. You see, I had a conversation with a new client just last week who said they are afraid of putting more of their YOU Factor out – online and in PR. (Their YOU Factor is everything that’s unique about them, that nobody else can copy).

Here’s what I said to them “the people who say negative things about you are not your customers. They will never buy from you, they’ll never recommend youWhy would you let them stop you from impacting people who see your message, nod their head with what you say, and become interested?"

You have to think about attracting and repelling in the equal amounts.

In the words of Taylor Swift ‘Haters gonna hate’.

And I can honestly share that this is the same reason that held me back for many years. I can so, so relate.

Here’s the thing that I have found out when you stop thinking of what others will say - your prospective clients are looking for someone to relate to, build a relationship with.

Your energy level changes and you start attracting the right people.

And I can tell you with 100% certainty, that five years ago, I would never have talked about energy in marketing. :-)

Now I do it all the time.

So if like me and my client, you’re a little afraid of sharing more of you online…..start small. Think about who needs to see your service or your product and think about how you serve.

Be more of You. Share one little YOU Factor.

That’s it – 3 client attraction tips, 2 copywriting tips and 1 inspiring idea.


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