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9 Easy Strategies to Attract the Right Clients

9 Easy Strategies to Attract the Right Clients

client attraction Dec 06, 2022

Attracting the right clients sounds so easy, doesn’t it? I mean you just put a message out there and the right people will come knocking on your door.

Well, if you’ve been in business a while now, which my right clients are, then you’ll know that it isn’t as easy as that.

I know myself how hard it is to attract the right clients, every marketer and business owner does. You're busy working with clients and then you lift your head up and you realise your funnel is empty. I don't want that for you.

It's why I’m dedicating a whole series to giving you client attraction tips, client attraction strategies to attract the right clients.

Because here’s the deal that a lot of other marketers don’t share – client attraction is a case of trial and error. You have to try things in order to see if they work. We are big believers of test and measure here at Achieve Marketing HQ.

Some of the tips I’m going to share here – and in the future, are little things that you can test out, try immediately and add to your marketing toolbox.

Marketing is circular and it’s momentum builds the more you do. I’ve built a system – the FAY WAY and the A in Way is Attraction. This is the FAY WAY to Client Attraction.

So here is the start of the Client Attraction Series of The FAY WAY.

1. Decide How Many New Clients You Want

It may seem simple but in order to attract clients, you need to ask yourself how many do you want? You could say hundreds and that’s totally fine. I love your growth plans.

But perhaps it’s only 10 for the next month or year even, depending on your service.

If you give yourself a realistic and stretch goal, client attraction doesn’t seem so over-whelming and you’ll be amazed at how excited you are to DO the marketing work needed.

2. Make It Easy For Prospects To Talk To You

Have you ever experienced that ping-pong, back and forth of trying to arrange an appointment to chat?

Then a week goes by, possibility two.

Interest levels dwindle.

Well, it’s time to get a scheduler – calendly or acuity are two great tools. You simply set your availability preferences and then you can share a link with your clients or prospects, and let them select a time that best suits their schedule. Boom! Easy Peasy.

I use both, however, I like the customised version that acuity gives you...

3. Serve Don’t Sell

No matter what you’re selling – products or services, consider changing the way you approach your next call with a prospect?

Even if you’ve had many conversations with them, ask them a few simple questions to get to the heart of their issue. Think about how you can really serve that prospect, ask questions like these:

  • What is it you really want?

  • What do you think your business could look like in five years from now – if money or time was no object?

  • What would you really like from us?

Look, we all want sales, but what we don’t want is the wrong type of sale. You want to serve your clients, not sell.

You may end up selling them something other than they’d planned...all while serving them….

A very dear client of mine, who is with me for the past 5 years, came to me looking for social media help. After asking questions, like above, I realised they didn’t want social media help, they wanted help with overall business strategy, maximising and leveraging the assets the assets that they had.

Sometimes clients can’t articulate what it is they really want – it’s your job to serve not sell.

4. Use Online Reviews

I’m the world’s worst for asking for and giving a link to our google review page. I just forget it but I know the power of it as I’ve seen it with my clients. (yes,’s the tale of the Cobbler’s children!).

Use all the review platforms – Linkedin, Google, Facebook, wherever you can, if there are any industry specific ones for you. Social proof is powerful, and new customers are more likely to give your business a try if they see others praising it.

Ask for at least one this week.

5. Get Introductions.

Who here loves to get referrals?

Me too!

Here’s a twist to the referral.

How about asking for introductions? People are busy and while most people will probably refer you, they may not know exactly what type of business you want. So avoid that ‘lets have a coffee to see how we can help each other. Simply ask for a introduction to people whom they think you can help.

Ask for one introduction this week.

6. Use Hashtags

How many hashtags should you use?

Well – twitter started it all. Research has shown that 1-2 hashtags generate far more engagement than a post with more than 3.

If you use Instagram, then it depends on your objective. If you’re looking to increase reach, 20 hashtags is the ideal. If you’re looking for engagement, then 30 is the ideal.

If you use Linkedin, Linkedin Creator allows you 5 hashtags.

If you use TikTok, then 5-7 is the magic number.

7. Remove Broken Links from your Website

Credibility on your website is key. If someone comes across broken links, it tends to make your site look a bit dodgy!

There’s even ads on the radio at the moment talking about being careful on the internet and not letting the fraudsters win…

Broken links matter for credibility.

And before you dismiss it saying all your website links are good, think about how a minor change can make a difference…
What if you changed the url from ‘our services’ to ‘services’?

Obviously, you will need to change all the links on your site.

Grand job – easily done says you.

But what about all the links "out there" on the web that point to the old page? Anyone who clicks on these will now see an ugly 404 error.

If your visitors are experiencing 404 errors, then you are losing credibility.

Tool Tip - You can find out if you have inbound links to non-existent pages using Google's free Search Console. You can also find outbound broken links using SEO Spider from Screaming Frog

8. Have internal links on every page

Have a website?

(If not, then lets talk...see the lets chat link above!!!)

If so, link every page on your website with another. While outbound links are Google gold, internal links help keep people reading your site. I’ve always said a website is a series of pages. If you write a great blog, then provide links to encourage your reader to stay longer on your site.

If you’re writing about dog training for example, and giving three tips to help a dog walk better on a lead, then link to a page describing the best type of leads for a dog. Or what about the types of leads that work with different dogs – labs, poodles, German shepherds, Yorkshire terriers etc

If someone is down an internet rabbit hole, wouldn’t it be great if it was yours?!

9. Pick Up The Phone

I have a 12 year old who uses his phone for texting, playing games and more texting...everything it seems bar calling and talking to someone.

Poor old Alexander Graham Bell!

If you want more clients, call the clients you have. Talk to them….similar to point no. 1 – ask questions, listen to them.

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Now I’d love to hear from you.

Which one is your favourite? Which one did you try and got great results? Which one had you not thought about before but went ‘doh, should have thought about that’?

I’ve got your back. Here’s the thing – I don’t mind if you use all 9 or just 1, I just want you to keep going. As I say on my podcast, it takes way more energy to stop & start than it does to keep going, whether it's 1 mile an hour or 100 miles an hour. Achieving is all about continually moving forward.

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