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Is Your Social Media Marketing Working?

social media marketing Jun 02, 2021

Is your Social Media Marketing Working For You? 

Today, I’m going to take a look at some of the top metrics that will help you understand whether your social media strategy is working or not and how you can improve your social media marketing results.

The pandemic has seen business owners do one of two things

  1. Completely get off social media,
  2. Completely go all in on social media.

For those that have gone all in, there is a vast amount of data sitting in your insights on your social media accounts. And Data gives you a massive insight into what’s working and what isn’t. (and yes Data is with a capital D because it’s invaluable when you look through it).

Let's get into those all important metrics. There are numerous metrics to look at but let's start with these three really important, fundamental metrics. 

  1. Content Based Metrics

If you are sharing different types of content, then you can start to analyse the content you share. You’ll be able to see how well specific posts are performing, as well as spot any patterns.

  • Are your posts that include images or videos performing better than your your text only posts? 
  • Are your original content posts doing better than the curated posts you share? 
  • Are you posting enough?

If you study the analytics, you’ll soon start to see what you can do less and more of.

  1. Engagement Based Metrics

This is where you look at the type of engagement you are getting. Now many people say to us that they aren’t getting any engagement, and on face value it may be the case. But if you dig a little deeper into the insights, you may find data that is encouraging. 

You want to know what actions your audience is taking:

  • Are they liking or sharing your posts? 
  • Are they commenting? 
  • Are you getting direct messages (DMs) into your inboxes? 

Here is where I want you to identify patterns so then you know what to improve upon. 

Social media algorithms favour engagement, there is no getting around that. However, certain platforms prefer certain engagement, such as comments and will weigh them more favourably as a type of engagement. 

  1. Goal Metrics

Whenever we start working with a client, we always ask "what is your objective for being on social media?" It often gets a blank eyed response, followed by a ‘because everyone’s on social media now?’ response. 

Here’s the deal – you must have a goal for social media.

So when you look at the data, it aligns with your goals. How do you know if you’re meeting your goals? You measure against the goal. 

What is your goal for being on social media? Do you have monthly goals? 

As we start into June this week, try setting at least one goal. Then compare month on month to how you are performing. 

Then it’s fair to ask the question, did you achieve your goal? And if you did, did you accomplish it the way you thought? 

This is how you get your social marketing working for you.

These are fundamental questions that I’d like you to think about before you do your next post on social media. Because once you have the fundamentals right, then you can have lots of fun on social media...testing and measuring...and introducing new metrics. 

Social media marketing works – you just need to know what to do, when to do it and why you’re doing it. 

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- Denise 

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