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Is your website working? Are you getting the leads and enquiries or is there just tumbleweed blowing through your site?

Is your Website Working?

website marketing Nov 11, 2021

You know when you’re face to face with a prospect, a client or patient and you ask them questions about their needs, then you can guide the conversation. It’s great isn’t it? Because you get a sense of where they are, what they need and how you can help.

I don’t know about you but I love that interactivity, that connection with people.

Putting my marketing hat on, you get a sense of where they are in the customer journey. This one to one communication is a key cog in your marketing machine...essential really. The same can’t be said for other marketing cogs or methods.

Take websites for example.

Websites are the only real estate you own on the Internet. Websites ought to be a key tool in your marketing toolkit, in your marketing machine.

Yet the visitors to your website could be anywhere in their customer journey. They could stumble on your website because they searched for a keyword and they may know nothing about you. They may know you lots and know you to be the expert that you are.

How do you bridge the gap between ‘who is this business’ and ‘I love everything this business puts out’? In fact, can it even be bridged?

Absolutely it can be bridged with a few tweaks to your site.

You see, if you’ve looked at as many websites as I have in 21 years of website marketing, you get a sense of how few websites differentiate themselves. So many websites blend into one another – and that's fine if you want to blend in. If you want to lose money, repel people or worse still...keep attracting the wrong people.

However, if you want to stand out, get enquiries through your site, then I encourage you to look at your website a bit differently from now on.

You’ve heard me say before that there is no one size fits all in marketing and this is equally true for your website.

If you want to stand out, then take a look at these three tips (among so many others) to get you started on revising your website.

1. What’s it all for?

This is a question that I ask clients when I start working on their websites. Why have you a website?

You must be very clear on this as a confused mind never sells….just as a confused mind never buys.

This five word sentence packs a punch – but it is the foundation for a successful website.

2. Automate at least one traffic source

Look – the reality is you need traffic to your site. Set up a campaign using just one lead magnet or one advertising source that consistently brings in traffic using direct response principles. Small business marketing is not here to build brands, it’s here to get people to notice us, to take an action...and then it builds brands.

Using direct response and marketing principles will keep you grounded and not change things just because of another shiny object (and let me tell you that I do suffer from Shiny Object Syndrome which is why I know how important it is to stay grounded on fundamental principles!)

3. Remember that Words Matter

Once you get traffic to your site, you must convert your visitors into something – buyers, readers, subscribers, callers, emailers.

How you do this is to connect with words. It’s like I said at the beginning of this article, when you talk with people face to face, you get a sense of where they are in their journey.

You must do this on your website else your bounce rate will be sky high and there’ll be crickets on your site.

The trick to connecting is using the right words, using images and design to support the words...not the other way round.

These are just three items on a very long checklist that helps to build connections and make your website a success. These three tasks will start to help your visitors realize that you are exactly the right fit for them.

Even if you rely on referrals or another source of marketing like Linkedin, instagram or webinars, if you have a website, you’re wasting money by not maximising it.

If you’re looking to demystify website marketing and want the exact strategies to follow in order to achieve success on your website, email me and lets chat.

If you’d like more information, just fill in your details below. I’d love to help.



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