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Think of your Customers' Customer

marketing Mar 04, 2022

It’s hard to know what do in the world that we find ourselves looking out at.

Here’s something that I’d like you to think about….

Ramp up your marketing.

You see, you’re here to make a difference, a difference in the world and you do that through your business. Just think of the ripple effect of your business.

Think about your customers’ customers. How they will be impacted if you reached more customers.

I work with business owners like you, who offer a service. Think about how that service impacts your customer and their customer.

The world needs you.

By all means, give to the aid organisation helping the people of Ukraine and others like them fleeing from wars and we all want to support them.

But now is the time to step up, own your difference, own your message, own the difference you make.

Step into it rather than be paralysed not knowing what to do for the best.

The world needs the difference you can make. Other countries are looking to Russia as a role model . You and I can’t stop that and we don’t know what’s going to happen next.

The thing that we can do is play to our strengths, make a difference, support the people who need your services….because their customers, clients and patients need them too. Make a ripple effect in the world.

Step up, stand firm and make a difference.

As for the naysayers, those people that will say something to you – in the words of Taylor Swift...the haters going hate...that’s not you.

You do you. You make a difference in the world using your business. Own your message, own your difference for you, for your customers, for your customers customer. For the world.

Think about it.

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